The Napkin Tie

Formal Style. Casual Function.


Form, Meet Function.

Out to lunch and can’t find a napkin? Look no further than your neck. The napkin tie is built to balance style and absorbency. It’s always handy and always ready to clean up a spill or wipe that schmutz off your face. And with its patent-pending wash and reuse cleaning system you’ll be super green, saving hundreds of trees or thousands of shrubs.

New Day. New Design.

Your personal neck canvas. Every time you wear your napkin tie, your own unique pattern of spills, mouth missing, and uncleanliness creates a brand new design, custom-made by you for you. Don’t like today’s look? Wash it when you get home. Love it? Let the stains set for a few days. Getting tired of your current design? Bleach it.

Like colorful ties? Add colorful foods to your diet and you’re halfway there.

Anatomy of a Napkin Tie


The Napkin Tie is a feat of modern engineering.
A sturdy canvas exterior lets you color your tie the way you want to while standing up to the toughest clean up jobs. You’re the artist, make your tie the way you want.
Terry cloth with micro fibers soak up spills and use synthetic technology to keep absorbency high and overall weight and thickness low.
A thin layer of sponge catches anything the Terry cloth missed and makes sure your tie will stand up to even the biggest spills.
Our recycled raincoat and umbrella technology, umbrellievable™, builds an impenetrable barrier between the mess and your dress shirt.

4 Great Colors to Choose From

Pinstripe Coming Soon!